Following the events of World War 2, a military training expedition went underway in Antarctica. It was known as Operation Highjump.

Richard Evelyn Byrd was given command of the biggest military force on the Antarctic ice ever seen. It consisted of 13 ships, 1 aircraft carrier, 2 seaplane tenders, 6 two-engined R4D transports and 4000 men.

It was used to test equipment and camps in the deep snow due to the potential threat of the Russians to the US. The expedition was said to have ended in catastrophic failure.

Lower Dungeon
Beneath the Surface
Holding Cells
Narrow Passageway
Littoral Cave

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Base 211 is currently under development by Cameron Harford. I created this website to help give future players a visual understanding of what is to come, as I can't do what I do without feedback!

Currently I'm making it as a hobby, so every time I get free time (which is a lot) I work on the game. I've done a lot of research into the matter of Operation Highjump and the events that stem from it, and I'm doing my best to turn it into a video game.

All models and visuals are inspired from real world items that were used during World War 1 and 2. This ranges from equipment like torches and masks to wall decoration and technological advancements for the time.

I'm working with a couple of friends and people who have reached out to me to help share their creativity and make this a memorable experience.

I will see you in the Arctic.

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